[GIT]: Networking
David Miller
2008-07-20 17:44:11 UTC
Hello Linus. This is the main networking merge for 2.6.27


1) Explicit support for multiple hardware TX queues, from your's

2) Making MIB statistics namespace aware, from Pavel Emelyanov.

3) GVRP support from Patrick McHardy.

4) Packet capture tools can now recreate the VLAN header even
when hardware offloading of VLAN decapsulation is being
performed. Also from Patrick McHardy.

5) Dynamic queueing discipline hash table sizing from Patrick

6) Lots of wireless stack and driver updates from John Linville
and the wireless crew.

7) IPV6 stack improvements from Yoshifuji Hideaki and co.

8) Various wired driver updates via Jeff Garzik and all the various
driver maintainers.

Please pull, thanks a lot!

The following changes since commit 5b664cb235e97afbf34db9c4d77f08ebd725=
Linus Torvalds (1):
Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/.../mfash=

are available in the git repository at:

master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6.git master

Abhijeet Kolekar (6):
iwlwifi : Set monitor mode for 4965
iwlwifi : Set monitor mode for 3945
iwlwifi : Patch adds rfkill subsystem for 3945
iwlwifi: Remove unnecessary code
iwlwifi: Fix LEDs for 3945
iwlwifi: make index unsigned int for iwl_send_led_cmd

Adam Langley (3):
tcp: Fix MD5 signatures for non-linear skbs
tcp: options clean up
tcp: Remove redundant checks when setting eff_sacks

Adel Gadllah (5):
iwlwifi: fix rfkill deps and remove input device usage
b43/b43legacy: use RFKILL_STATE_UNBLOCKED instead of RFKILL_STATE=
b43/b43legacy: add RFKILL_STATE_HARD_BLOCKED support
iwlwifi: remove input device and fix rfkill state
iwl3965: remove useless network and duplicate checking

Adrian Bunk (13):
make sta_rx_agg_session_timer_expired() static
remove ieee80211_tx_frame()
remove ieee80211_wx_{get,set}_auth()
make drivers/net/atarilance.c:lance_addr_list[] static
make hplance_{init,cleanup}_module() static
drivers/net/mac8390.c: make functions static
drivers/net/: remove write-only "last_dev"
drivers/net/macsonic.c: make functions static
net: remove CVS keywords
irda: remove CVS keywords
remove the strip driver
build algorithms into the mac80211 module
netfilter: cleanup netfilter_ipv6.h userspace header

Akinobu Mita (2):
airo: use simple_read_from_buffer()
iucv: fix memory leak in cpu hotplug error path.

Al Viro (1):
misc drivers/net endianness noise

Alan Cox (5):
ppp: push BKL down into the driver
wanrouter: Push down BKL
irda: Push BKL down into irda ioctl handlers
atm: [iphase] 64-bit cleanup
8390: Split 8390 support into a pausing and a non pausing driver =

Alexander Duyck (11):
igb: fix parameter options
igb: fix init on 82575 with MNG enabled
igb: update ethtool stats to support multiqueue
igb: add 82576 MAC support
igb: Add support for quad port WOL and feature flags
igb: add page recycling support
igb: add support for in kernel LRO
net: add netif_napi_del function to allow for removal of napistru=
igb: update suspend resume
igb: unused variable warning in igb remove
igb: Improve multiqueue AIM support

Alexey Dobriyan (2):
netfilter: use correct namespace in ip6table_security
netfilter: ip6table_filter in netns for real

Allan Stephens (41):
tipc: Simplify log buffer resizing
tipc: Provide feedback when log buffer resizing fails
tipc: Fix recursive spinlock invocation in print buffer code
tipc: Fix null pointer dereference in debug code
tipc: Elimination of print buffer chaining
[TIPC]: Cosmetic cleanup of print buffer code
tipc: Cosmetic cleanup of system & debug output declarations
tipc: Exclude debug-only print buffer code when not debugging
tipc: Update version number to TIPC 1.6.4
tipc: Enhancements to name table initialization
tipc: Fix race condition when creating socket or native port
tipc: Add support for customized subscription overlap handling
tipc: Add support for customized subscription endianness
tipc: Fix bug in topology server byte swapping routine
tipc: Consolidate subscriber & subscriber port references
tipc: Cosmetic cleanup of topology service code
tipc: Fix skb_under_panic when configuring TIPC without privilege=
tipc: Prevent node object duplication due to simultaneous discove=
tipc: Optimize null pointer check during neighbor discovery
tipc: Update "previous node" indicators when node address changes
tipc: Fix initialization sequence problems when entering network =
tipc: Fix bug in connection setup via native API
tipc: Standardize error checking on incoming messages via native =
tipc: Fix bugs in message error code display when debugging
tipc: Fix minor bugs in link session number handling
tipc: Minor optimizations to received message processing
tipc: Prevent access of non-existent field in short message heade=
tipc: Optimize message initialization routine
tipc: Prevent display of name table types with no publications
tipc: Add missing spinlock in name table display code
tipc: Expand link sequence gap field to 13 bits
tipc: Message header creation optimizations
tipc: Fix bugs in rejection of message with short header
tipc: Message rejection rework preparatory changes
tipc: Remove unneeded parameter to tipc_createport_raw()
tipc: Optimize pointer dereferencing when receiving stream data
tipc: Fix race condition that could cause accept() to fail
tipc: Eliminate improper use of TIPC_OK error code
tipc: Fix bug in scope checking for multicast messages
tipc: Add missing locks when inspecting node list & link list
tipc: Optimization to multicast name lookup algorithm

Andrew Morton (1):
wireless: fix "iwlwifi: unify init driver flow"

Andy Gospodarek (1):
e1000: remove e1000_clean_tx_irq call from e1000_netpoll

Assaf Krauss (6):
iwlwifi enabling IBSS (Ad-Hoc) mode
iwlwifi: Fix mode changes (ad-hoc <--> managed)
mac80211: 11h Infrastructure - Parsing
mac80211: 11h - Handling measurement request
mac80211: add beacon timestamp to beacon template in IBSS
iwlwifi: adjust TSF in IBSS

Atsushi Nemoto (1):
zd1211rw: Use DMA-aware buffer for usb transfer

Auke Kok (4):
e1000: remove PCI Express device IDs
igb: eliminate hw from the hw_dbg macro arguments
igb: reenable CRC stripping in hardware
igb: Increment driver version

Ben Dooks (10):
DM9000: Add support for DM9000A and DM9000B chips
DM9000: Cleanups after the resource changes
DM9000: Cleanup source code
DM9000: Cleanup source code - remove forward declerations
DM9000: Use NSR to determine link-status on internal PHY
DM9000: Allow the use of the NSR register to get link status.
DM9000: Add missing msleep() in EEPROM wait code.
DM9000: Re-unite menuconfig entries for DM9000 driver
DM9000: Remove DEFAULT_TRIGGER for request_irq() flags.
DM9000: Add documentation for the driver.

Ben Hutchings (5):
sfc: Use kernel I2C system and i2c-algo-bit driver
sfc: Reduce I2C udelay to 5 resulting in a clock frequency of 100=
net: Disable LRO on devices that are forwarding
net: Discard and warn about LRO'd skbs received for forwarding
e1000: resolve tx multiqueue bug

Benjamin Li (8):
bnx2: Remove the rx_offset field from the bnx2 structure.
bnx2: Pre-initialize struct cpu_reg.
bnx2: Support secondary MAC addresses.
bnx2: Update TPAT firmware
bnx2: Add TX multiqueue support.
bnx2: Fix Sparse warnings
bnx2: Update version to 1.7.9.

Benjamin Thery (1):
ipv6 netns: Address labels per namespace

Bernard Pidoux (1):
rose: improving AX25 routing frames via ROSE network

Bill Moss (1):
iwl3945: do not delay hardware scan if it is a direct scan

Bob Copeland (2):
ath5k: Fix loop variable initializations
ath5k: convert LED code to use mac80211 triggers

Brian Haley (1):
net: change proto destroy method to return void

Brice Goglin (3):
myri10ge: add routines for multislices
myri10ge: add multislices support
myri10ge: add Direct Cache Access support

Bruno Randolf (3):
zd1211rw: initial IBSS support
mac80211: use hardware flags for signal/noise units
mac80211: make rx radiotap header more flexible

Chas Williams (3):
atm: [suni] add support for setting loopback and framing modes
atm: [he] remove #ifdef clutter
atm: [fore200e] convert to use request_firmware()

Dale Farnsworth (1):
mv643xx_eth: new maintainer

Daniel Drake (1):
zd1211rw: beacon config error checking

Daniel Lezcano (1):
tcp: fix kernel panic with listening_get_next

Daniel Walker (6):
ps3: gelic: scan_lock semaphore to mutex
ps3: gelic: assoc_stat_lock semaphore to mutex
ps3: gelic: updown_lock semaphore to mutex
ps3: gelic: scan_lock semaphore to mutex
ps3: gelic: assoc_stat_lock semaphore to mutex
ps3: gelic: updown_lock semaphore to mutex

David S. Miller (118):
Merge branch 'upstream-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/ne=
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wirele=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
wanrouter: Fix ioctl handler declaration.
Merge branch 'upstream-next-davem' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgar=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'net-next-2.6-misc-20080612a' of git://git.linux-ipv=
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netde=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
wext: Remove inline from get_priv_size() and adjust_priv_size().
wext: Make adjust_priv_size() take a "struct iw_point *".
wext: Extract standard call iw_point handling into seperate funct=
wext: Extract private call iw_point handling into seperate functi=
wext: Pull ioctl permission checking out into helper function.
wext: Parameterize the standard/private handlers.
wext: Pass iwreq pointer down into standard/private handlers.
wext: Pull top-level ioctl dispatch logic into helper function.
wext: Dispatch and handle compat ioctls entirely in net/wireless/=
wext: Remove compat handling from fs/compat_ioctl.c
wext: Create IW_REQUEST_FLAG_COMPAT and set it as needed.
wext: Emit event stream entries correctly when compat.
sctp: Kill SCTP_SOCK_SLEEP_{PRE,POST}, unused.
decnet: Remove SOCK_SLEEP_{PRE,POST} usage.
net: Kill SOCK_SLEEP_PRE and SOCK_SLEEP_POST, no users.
llc: Use sock_graft() instead of by-hand version.
ax25: Use sock_graft() and remove bogus sk_socket and sk_sleep in=
netrom: Use sock_graft() and remove bogus sk_socket and sk_sleep =
rose: Use sock_graft() and remove bogus sk_socket and sk_sleep in=
x25: Use sock_graft() and remove bogus sk_socket and sk_sleep ini=
econet: Use sock_orphan() instead of open-coded (and buggy) varia=
x25: Use sock_orphan() instead of open-coded (and buggy) variant.
netrom: Kill spurious NULL'ing of sk->sk_socket.
ax25: Fix std timer socket destroy handling.
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netde=
net: Add sk_set_socket() helper.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netde=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless=
Merge branch 'net-next-2.6-v6ready-20080703' of git://git.linux-i=
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netde=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../linville/wireless=
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
pkt_sched: Remove comment reference to old style TX locking.
netdev: Create netdev_queue abstraction.
pkt_sched: Remove 'dev' member of struct Qdisc.
netdev: Move queue_lock into struct netdev_queue.
netdev: The ingress_lock member is no longer needed.
netdev: Move rest of qdisc state into struct netdev_queue
netdev: Kill qdisc_ingress, use netdev->rx_queue.qdisc instead.
pkt_sched: Kill stats_lock member of struct Qdisc.
pkt_sched: Make netem queue agnostic.
netdev: Move next_sched into struct netdev_queue.
pkt_sched: Add qdisc_reset_all_tx().
pkt_sched: Add qdisc_all_tx_empty()
net: Clean up explicit ->tx_queue references in link watch.
pkt_sched: Add qdisc_tx_is_noop() helper and use in IPV6.
mac80211: Decrease number of explicit ->tx_queue references.
netdev: Move gso_skb into netdev_queue.
netdev: Make netif_schedule() routines work with netdev_queue obj=
pkt_sched: Make qdisc_run take a netdev_queue.
netdev: Move _xmit_lock and xmit_lock_owner into netdev_queue.
net: Delete NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE kconfig option.
netdev: Move atomic queue state bits into netdev_queue.
netfilter: Let nf_ct_kill() callers know if del_timer() returned =
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of git://eden-feed.erg.abdn.ac.uk/net-next-=
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wirele=
Merge branch 'davem-next' of master.kernel.org:/.../jgarzik/netde=
netdev: Add addr_list_lock to struct net_device.
netdev: Add netdev->addr_list_lock protection.
netdev: Do not use TX lock to protect address lists.
Merge branch 'stealer/ipvs/sync-daemon-cleanup-for-next' of git:/=
igb: Kill CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE references, no longer exis=
netdev: Allocate multiple queues for TX.
pkt_sched: Remove RR scheduler.
mac80211: Temporarily mark QoS support BROKEN.
net: Use queue aware tests throughout.
netdev: Kill struct net_device_subqueue and netdev->egress_subque=
netdev: netdev_priv() can now be sane again.
netdev: Add netdev->select_queue() method.
mac80211: Reimplement WME using ->select_queue().
net: Implement simple sw TX hashing.
netdev: Convert all drivers away from netif_schedule().
netdev: Kill plain netif_schedule()
niu: Add TX multiqueue support.
pkt_sched: Move gso_skb into Qdisc.
pkt_sched: Make QDISC_RUNNING a qdisc state.
pkt_sched: Add and use qdisc_root() and qdisc_root_lock().
pkt_sched: Schedule qdiscs instead of netdev_queue.
pkt_sched: dev_init_scheduler() does not need to lock qdisc tree.
pkt_sched: Perform bulk of qdisc destruction in RCU.
pkt_sched: Use per-queue locking in shutdown_scheduler_queue.
pkt_sched: Remove qdisc_lock_tree usage in cls_api.c
pkt_sched: Kill qdisc_lock_tree usage in cls_route.c
netdevice: Move qdisc_list back into net_device proper.
pkt_sched: Make qdisc grafting locking more specific.
pkt_sched: Rework {sch,tbf}_tree_lock().
pkt_sched: Kill qdisc_lock_tree and qdisc_unlock_tree.
pkt_sched: Kill netdev_queue lock.
pkt_sched: Add multiqueue handling to qdisc_graft().
pkt_sched: Don't used locked skb_queue_purge() in __qdisc_reset_q=
pkt_sched: Make default qdisc nonshared-multiqueue safe.
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../torvalds/linux-2.=
Revert "remove the strip driver"
pkt_sched: Get rid of u32_list.
pkt_sched: Manage qdisc list inside of root qdisc.
pkt_sched: Fix noqueue_qdisc initialization.
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../holtmann/blueto=
highmem: Export totalhigh_pages.
iucv: Fix bad merging.

David Woodhouse (4):
libertas: Increase priority of 'unknown command' warnings
libertas: fix multicast filtering on eth and msh interfaces
libertas: Add reset_card() callback to hardware driver
libertas: provide reset_card() callback on OLPC

Denis V. Lunev (14):
netlink: Remove nonblock parameter from netlink_attachskb
netns: add namespace parameter to rt_cache_flush
net: add fib_rules_ops to flush_cache method
ipv4: remove static flush_delay variable
netns: register net.ipv4.route.flush in each namespace
netns: make rt_secret_rebuild timer per namespace
netns: add struct net parameter to rt_cache_invalidate
ipv4: pass current value of rt_genid into rt_hash
netns: place rt_genid into struct net
netns: selective flush of rt_cache
ipv4: remove flush_mutex from ipv4_sysctl_rtcache_flush
netlabel: return msg overflow error from netlbl_cipsov4_list fast=
ipv6: remove unused parameter from ip6_ra_control
ipv6: remove unused macros from net/ipv6.h

Divy Le Ray (4):
cxgb3 - Fix dma mapping error path
cxgb3 - Add page support to jumbo frame Rx queue
cxgb3 - Add LRO support
cxgb3 - add missing adapter type for RDMA

Eilon Greenstein (9):
bnx2x: Rename bnx2x.c to bnx2x_main.c
bnx2x: New init infrastructure
bnx2x: Remove old microcode
bnx2x: New microcode part 1/3
bnx2x: New microcode part 2/3
bnx2x: New microcode part 3/3
bnx2x: Add support for BCM57711 HW
bnx2x: Re-factor Tx code
bnx2x: Update version

Emmanuel Grumbach (53):
iwlwifi: HW dependent run time calibration
iwlwifi: HW crypto acceleration fixes
iwlwifi: remove uneeded callback
iwlwifi: CT-Kill configuration fix
iwlwifi: HT IE in probe request clean up
iwlwifi: clean up register names and defines
iwlwifi: move Flow Handlers define to iwl-fh.h
iwlwifi: move verify_ucode functions to iwl-core
iwlwifi: move hw_rx_handler_setup to iwl-4965.c
iwlwifi-5000: update the CT-Kill value for 5000 series
iwlwifi-5000: add run time calibrations for 5000
iwlwifi-5000: update the byte count in SCD
iwlwifi: move iwl4965_init_alive_start to iwl-4965.c
iwlwifi: don't switch to SGI if not supported by AP
iwlwifi: clean up and bug fix for security
mac80211: sends HT IE to user level through wext
mac80211: allow disable FAT in specific configurations
iwlwifi: disable FAT channel when not permitted
iwlwifi: fix a memory leak in scan
iwlwifi: remove debugfs entries before cfg80211
iwlwifi: send calibration results as HUGE commands
iwlwifi: removes the RUN_TIME_CALIB ifdef
iwlwifi: clean up in setup/cancel deferred work
iwlwifi: add possibility to disable tx_power calibration
iwlwifi: remove redundant flags regarding to FAT channel
iwlwifi: fix bug when moving from 11gn to 11a or 11an to 11g
iwlwifi: fix resart flow after fw error
iwlwifi: add bad length check for WEP keys
iwlwifi: move iwl4965_rf_kill_ct_config to iwl-core.c
iwlwifi: retfactor get_temperature functions
iwlwifi: remove dead code iwl4965_calc_db_from_ratio
iwlwifi: general code clean up
iwlwifi: remove iwlcore_low_level_notify
iwlwifi: unify SW rf-kill flow
mac80211: don't return -EINVAL upon iwconfig wlan0 rts auto
mac80211: update the authentication method
mac80211: add last beacon time in scan list
iwlwifi: better station table maintenance
iwlwifi: add REPLY_TX_POWER_DBM_CMD to get_cmd_string
iwlwifi: send ADD_STA before RXON with assoc bit
iwlwifi: move RX stats to core, and move temperature to handler
iwlwifi: don't send REPLY_REMOVE_ALL_STA upon exit
iwlwifi: move RX handlers to iwl-rx.c
iwlwifi: remove useless network and duplicate checking
iwlwifi: setup compressed BA handler
iwlwifi: don't bring up interface if RF-kill avoids radio
iwlwifi: blocking mac_start until uCode is complete
iwlwifi: clean up HW RF-kill state machine and restarts
mac80211: add support for iwconfig wlanX frag auto
mac80211: Fix ieee80211_rx_reorder_ampdu: ignore QoS null packets
mac80211: dont add a STA which is not in the same IBSS
iwlwifi: fixes RTS / CTS support
iwlwifi: make iwl4965_mac_conf_tx in atomic context

Eric Dumazet (1):
udp: sk_drops handling

Eric W. Biederman (1):
wireless: Add missing locking to cfg80211_dev_rename

Ester Kummer (9):
mac80211: correct skb allocation
iwlwifi: move per driverdebug_level to per device
iwlwifi: move debug_level to sysfs/bus/pci/devices
iwlwifi: update levels of debug prints
iwlwifi: adding parameter of fw_restart
iwlwifi: trigger event log from debugfs
iwlwifi: move iwl_dump_nic_error_log to iwlcore module
iwlwifi: adding channels to sysfs
mac80211: removing duplicated parsing of information elements

Esti Kummer (1):
iwlwifi: adding pci device ids to iwl_hw_card_ids

=46abian Hugelshofer (2):
netfilter: nf_conntrack: properly account terminating packets
netfilter: ctnetlink: include conntrack status in destroy event m=

=46abien Crespel (1):
rfkill: drop current_state from tasks in rfkill-input

=46lorian Westphal (2):
sctp: Don't abort initialization when CONFIG_PROC_FS=3Dn
sctp: Prevent uninitialized memory access

=46rancois Romieu (13):
r8169: multicast register update (sync with Realtek's 8.004.00 81=
68 driver)
r8169: remove non-napi code
netdev: remove unused S2IO_NAPI
starfire: delete non NAPI code from the driver.
amd8111e: delete non NAPI code from the driver.
via-velocity: remove the bounce buffers
via-velocity: lean and clean velocity_init_rings
via-velocity: move residual free rx descriptors count register up=
via-velocity: add velocity_set_rxbufsize helper
cxgb: delete non NAPI code from the driver.
via-rhine: delete non NAPI code from the driver.
gianfar: delete non NAPI code from the driver.
ucc_geth: delete non NAPI code from the driver.

Gerrit Renker (4):
dccp ccid-3: Fix error in loss detection
dccp: Upgrade NDP count from 3 to 6 bytes
dccp ccid-3: Fix a loss detection bug
dccp ccid-3: Length of loss intervals

Gertjan van Wingerde (10):
rt2x00: Fix queue related oops in case of deselected mac80211 mul=
ti-queue feature.
rt2x00: Only initialize the minimum needed fields of PCI TX descr=
rt2x00: Cleanup struct skb_frame_desc.
rt2x00: Centralize RX packet alignment handling in rt2x00lib.
rt2x00: Fix double usage of skb->cb in USB RX path.
rt2x00: Rework alignment check.
rt2x00: Properly clean up beacon skbs.
rt2x00: Convert rt2x00 to use generic DMA-mapping API
rt2x00: Centralize allocation of RX skbs.
rt2x00: Replace statically allocated DMA buffers with mapped skb'=

Grant Grundler (1):
drivers/net/tulip: update first comment in tulip files

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
HSO: add option hso driver

Gregory Greenman (3):
iwlwifi: get_hw_cmd_size
iwlwifi: use uCode error and event tables pointer w.r.t loaded im=
iwlwifi: configure uCode to use open loop tx power algorithm

Guy Cohen (9):
iwlwifi: remove support for Narrow Channel (10Mhz)
iwlwifi: HT antenna/chains overhaul
iwlwifi: TLC modifications
iwlwifi: rate scale module cleanups
iwlwifi: rate scale restructure toggle_antenna functions
iwlwifi: rs fix wrong parenthesizing in rs_get_lower_rate functio=
iwlwifi: rate sacaling fixes
iwlwifi: more RS improvements
iwlwifi: fix in-column rate scaling

Harvey Harrison (44):
mac80211: remove unnecessary byteshifts in frame control testing
wireless: use get/put_unaligned_* helpers
mac80211: tkip.c use kernel-provided infrastructure
b43: replace limit_value macro with clamp_val
b43legacy: replace limit_value macro with clamp_val
b43: use the bitrev helpers rather than rolling a private one
mac80211: michael.c use kernel-provided infrastructure
mac80211: introduce struct michael_mic_ctx and static helpers
mac80211: add const, remove unused function, make one function st=
mac80211: add a struct to hold tkip context
mac80211: tkip.c use struct tkip_ctx in phase 1 key mixing
mac80211: tkip.c use struct tkip_ctx in phase 2 key mixing
bluetooth: hci_bcsp.c small cleanups/api users
mac80211: add helpers for frame control testing
mac80211: remove ieee80211_get_morefrag
mac80211: make ieee80211_get_hdrlen_from_skb return unsigned
mac80211: add utility function to get header length
mac80211: wpa.c use new access helpers
mac80211: use new helpers in util.c - ieee80211_get_bssid()
mac80211: wme.c use new helpers
mac80211: rx.c use new helpers
mac80211: tkip.c consolidate tkip IV writing in helper
mac80211: tkip.c fold ieee80211_gen_rc4key into its one caller
mac80211: tkip.c use a local struct tkip_ctx in ieee80211_get_tki=
ath5k: use frame control helpers
zd1211rw: use frame control helpers
b43: use frame control helpers
b43legacy: use frame control helpers
adm8211: remove unnecessary protected bit mask/check
mac80211: wep.c use new frame control helpers
mac80211: tx.c use new frame control helpers
mac80211: rx.c use new frame control helpers
mac80211: mlme.c use new frame control helpers
tulip: remove wrapper around get_unaligned
mac80211: move QOS control helpers into ieee80211.h
mac80211: use symbolic defines in wpa.c
mac80211: remove one user of ieee80211_get_hdr_info
mac80211: remove ieee80211_get_hdr_info
mac80211: remove trivial rx_data->fc users
mac80211: wpa.c remove rx/tx_data ->fc users
mac80211: pass scratch buffer directly, remove additional pointer=
mac80211: aes_ccm.c remove crypto wrapper and extra args
net: make __skb_splice_bits static
sctp: remove unnecessary byteshifting, calculate directly in big-=

Heiko Carstens (2):
iucv: fix section mismatch warning.
iucv: prevent cpu hotplug when walking cpu_online_map.

Helmut Schaa (1):
iwlwifi: fix typo which caused iwl_get_tx_fail_reason to ever ret=
urn an empty string

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (16):
rfkill: clarify meaning of rfkill states
rfkill: fix minor typo in kernel doc
rfkill: handle SW_RFKILL_ALL events
rfkill: add parameter to disable radios by default
rfkill: add read-write rfkill switch support
rfkill: add the WWAN radio type
rfkill: rework suspend and resume handlers
rfkill: add notifier chains support
rfkill: add type string helper
rfkill: add uevent notifications
rfkill: do not allow userspace to override ALL RADIOS OFF
rfkill: document rw rfkill switches and clarify input subsystem i=
rfkill: rename the rfkill_state states and add block-locked state
rfkill: improve documentation for kernel drivers
rfkill: some minor kernel-doc changes for rfkill_toggle_radio
rfkill: ignore errors from rfkill_toggle_radio in rfkill_add_swit=

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (1):
rtl8187: use different ANAPARAM*_OFF values for 8187B

Hin-Tak Leung (6):
rtl8187: updating rtl8187.h to support RTL8187B
rtl8187: updating rtl818x.h to support RTL8187B
rtl8187: updating rtl8187_rtl8225.c to support RTL8187B
rtl8187: change rtl8187_dev.c to support RTL8187B (part 1)
rtl8187: change rtl8187_dev.c to support RTL8187B (part 2)
rtl8187: updating Kconfig to support RTL8187B

Holger Schurig (15):
libertas: debug output tweaks for lbs_thread
libertas: make some functions void
libertas: allow removal of card at any time
libertas: remove lbs_get_data_rate()
libertas: reduce command retry time
libertas: don't spin_unlock_irq() twice
libertas: speeds up downloading of CF firmware
libertas: use lbs_pr_XX instead of printk
libertas: before sleeping, check for a command result
libertas: fix compact flash interrupt handling
libertas: unify various CF-related defines
libertas: fix interrupt issue
libertas: document register meanings
libertas: check for old, unsupported hardware
libertas: rename some registers to clarify their meaning

Huang Weiyi (1):
b43: nphy.c remove duplicated include

Ihar Hrachyshka (1):
rtl8187: Fixed section mismatch in rtl8187_dev.c

Ilpo J=E4rvinen (1):
tcp: Reorganize tcp_sock to fill 64-bit holes & improve locality

Ivo van Doorn (51):
mac80211: Replace ieee80211_tx_control->key_idx with ieee80211_ke=
mac80211: Add IEEE80211_KEY_FLAG_PAIRWISE
rt2x00: Support hardware RTS and CTS-to-self frames
rt2x00: Use rt2x00 queue numbering
rt2x00: Add helper macros
rt2x00: Fix kernel-doc
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.1.5
rt2x00: Clarify supported chipsets in Kconfig
mac80211: Set IEEE80211_TXPD_REQ_TX_STATUS for all TX frames
rt2x00: trim skb_frame_desc to 32 bytes
rt2x00: Fix TX status reporting
rt2x00: Remove ieee80211_tx_control argument from write_tx_desc()
rt2x00: Preserve descriptor information after memmove()
rt2x00: Split rt2x00lib_write_tx_desc()
rt2x00: Remove redundant flags/dev_flags initializations
rt2x00: Merge RX and TX entry private data
rt2x00: Remove extra +
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.1.6
rt2x00: Calculate register offset during compile time
rt2x00: Cleanup/optimize set_state() function callback function
rt2x00: Move led initialization into function
rt2x00: Remove CTS/RTS check in tx()
rt2x00: Removed unused descriptor read in txdone
rt2x00: Make rt2x00_set/get_field macros
rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.1.7
rt2x00: Fix queue initialization
rt2x00: Implement rt2x00usb_kick_tx_queue()
rt2x00: Move generic TX frame writing code into rt2x00queue
rt2x00: Don't kick TX queue after each frame
rt2x00: Use __builtin_choose_expr() instead of ?:
rt2x00: Clear IEEE80211_TX_CTL_USE_RTS_CTS flag for RTS frame
rt2x00: Remove unused defines
rt2x00: Use ieee80211 fc handlers
rt2x00: Cleanup symbol exports
rt2x00: Fix sparse warning on nested container_of()
rt2x00: Increase queue size